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Jean Collection is LIVE

The Jean collection is a beautiful ocean blue, light blue and white combination. It reminds me of the ocean. When I was mixing these colors I honestly felt like they were so close to what I’ve witnessed in the ocean. There are different types of blue and also the texture is different for all. In this…
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Winter Collection is HERE!

I especially enjoyed making this collection because the colors and feeling of it reminds me of snow landing on pine trees. The colors for this collection are rose gold and white. I decided to go with arches because it sits really well on the ears and it’s versatile. The Dafne shape also goes well along…
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My trip to Cancun, Mexico

For those of you that know me, you know I recently traveled to Mexico. I was so inspired by the colors, textures and every single handmade piece of art all around me. I recently came back and I am already planning the next collection which will feature some tropical and bright colors. Cancun is a…
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