About The Maker

My name is Francheska Boria Ramos. I've been a Graphic Designer for over 16 years, with 6 years of Creative Direction experience.  I have a BFA in Graphic Design from SUNY New Paltz. After all my years of creative experience surrounded by a computer, I took on the challenge of using my knowledge of colors, shapes and textures into wearable form. This is Made By Francheska.

I have been interested in Jewelry ever since I was a little girl. I spend more time selecting my jewelry pieces for the day than anything else. Each decision is made with meticulous thoughts. For my jewelry work, what inspires me every day is my faith in God. My admiration for all the created things that are viewable through my eyes and the different sizes and shapes of the stars, which are unseen. There is some kind of mystery and wonder in the stars and the sea, and this is something that I'm exploring through my latest collections.


Where do you get the names for your earrings?

I give each piece a unique star name because it reminds me how uniquely and wonderful each of them are, because I was reminded how vast the number of stars are and each of them are known by God. In Psalms 147:4 it says "He determines the number of the stars and calls them each by name." The star names are off a database of names I look for and match them with the style of each particular earring. It takes me quite a bit to name them, but I have a lot of fun picking names for them. It's a beautiful learning process. Why do this? I name them all differently because it also reminds me how unique each human is. You are beautiful and unique, and I hope my earrings help you feel this way.

Why do you make some earrings "one of a kind"?

There are times where I want to make one unique pair of earrings - one of a kind. It makes it so special that no one else in the world has that earring. Some of these are one of a kind, I do keep them on the shop sometimes for longer, even if they are out of stock. You can request for a particular style to be made, I take custom orders.

What is your first memory of jewelry?

My grandmother always wore incredible jewelry, she used to buy me unique jewelry pieces from the craft shops in San Juan, Puerto Rico. I used to go hunting for jewelry with her to the local shops, it was one of the highlights of my visits to her in Puerto Rico. She passed away in 2008, I wish she was still here. I make these for her, because she poured so much love into my childhood, and I owe my first memories of wearing jewelry to her. My dream is that each person that purchases my jewelry can have a lasting memory to take with them.

Where were you born? Does that have anything to do with the beach themes?

ABSOLUTELY! I was born in Puerto Rico - and that has everything to do with the beach themes! I love the beach, I love the ocean I love every color I see every time I go near the ocean. I soak it all in! I make as much ocean theme jewelry as I can to reflect my love for the ocean.

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