For those of you that know me, you know I recently traveled to Mexico.

I was so inspired by the colors, textures and every single handmade piece of art all around me. I recently came back and I am already planning the next collection which will feature some tropical and bright colors.

Cancun is a very colorful area, starting from the different colors in the ocean.

I have always found color my main point of interest when I visit a place.

The deep blues and different shares of green in the ocean blew my mind!

When I went to the market I absolutely loved seeing all the handmade textures, wallets, blankets and all of the cultural color mixes within pieces of fabric.

Going out at night I felt at home, all of the layers of colors everywhere – it really felt like a dream. This trip inspired me to release “Paloma” my earring of choice in Mexico. She’s a multi-layered earring with lots of dangle and personality. Inspired by the colors of Cancun. RELEASE DATE: 11/19/2021.

Anyway, I would love to share more with you!

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