It’s been a few days since the last launch!

Seems like forever. I’m doing a lot of new things and enjoying this moment with you. One thing I’ve been doing lately is sharing! I never realized that art is to be shared, and that as artists we have a duty to share our work with the world.

“A Work of Art is Not Complete Until it is Shared”

Based on that idea of sharing I made a reel with Rochi (my sis in law!).

Reels. What are reels? They are basically the TikToks of Instagram. I never really built one or worked through one before. There are so many different settings you can play with to come up with a pretty fun edited video or idea. Basically I wanted to give people some insight into what I’ve been doing myself.

Reel preview from Instagram

I started with what I found most helpful. I wanted to provide some tips because people love information! So I made a simple reel about starting a business. So I shared 3 things that you can do to start your own business….


I have a lot of lists everywhere; on my phone, on my computer, on my notepads. Lists are very helpful! Try them out!

What are some things that are helpful to you? Go to this reel and let me know in the comments what works for you!

I am spending more time on Instagram trying to grow my influence there. I will continue working on my craft and sharing my work. I love the fact that I have you to share my experience with here. Thanks for sticking around and browsing through these first collections.

I shared today on my instagram about a new order of clay I got. That means more collections are coming within the new few weeks! 😉

MORE TO COME! Stay tuned….