I especially enjoyed making this collection because the colors and feeling of it reminds me of snow landing on pine trees.

The colors for this collection are rose gold and white.

I decided to go with arches because it sits really well on the ears and it’s versatile.

The Dafne shape also goes well along any outfit because its a dangle in three parts. The golden sheets went really well with the white clay and the marble pattern behaves beautiful.

Each earring is unique as the pattern does what it does. Here is an example where the golden sheets pop out with the white clay.

I love how these three shapes work well together. Shop Dafne >

Dafne in Marble Design

One of my favorites from all time is the Trianglun. This time it comes in white and black. This design is very elegant and it’s most of all light because it doesn’t have a heavy post. This design in white reminds me of christmas lights.

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Enjoy this collection. Shop all here.

Trianglun in White